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The event

About Tartufesta 2018

TartuFesta is the Autumn Festival that celebrates values and knoledge of a territory rich in excellence, as well as in typical agricultural produce: wine and cheese, cold cuts and extra-virgin olive oil, saffron and honey, and above all the White Truffle, that finds here its natural environment.

The delicious flavors of our food-and-wine tradition - along with the historic, cultural and environmental resources of the territory, such as The Jerusalem of San Vivaldo, the Castel of Castelfalfi, the high valley of Carfalo torrent protected area – have been funding and shaping the historical and economical identity of Montaione for a very long time, thus playing a primary role in making it one of the most covered and visited tourist destinations of Tuscany.

There will be two main moments during TartuFesta 2018: on Sunday 21st October, there will be a preview, with the Old Town of Montaione hosting a CookingARTShow, as well as the exhibition/sale of truffles and local produce; on 27th and 28th October, at the weekend, there will be several exhibitions of food-and-wine and local crafts, as well as a full program comprehending different kinds of experiences, that will make our visitors learn about truffle and taste it, but also experience the territory of Montaione in an exceptional way.

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All you have to know about Montaione, the Tartufesta and the truffle


Montaione is a small village of about 3500 inhabitants situated on top of a hill at 350m above sea level from where you can enjoy a stunning view over the valley of river Elsa.

The origins of Montaione are very old and certainly dated back to the Etruscan period, as evidenced by some archaeological finds that are now kept at the Civic Museum of Montaione. During the Middle Ages the town was involved in fights between Volterra, San Gimignano and San Miniato and then finish - in 1370 - definitely under the control of Florence.

Today the village of Montaione still has the well-preserved old town, although the old city walls were destroyed by bombing in World War II.

The territory of Montaione is very wide and covers about 104 square km. The main feauture of the landscape that surround the village is the presence of vineyards, olive groves, cypress trees, which draw / embroider alternating landscape and making the scenery never icky and always varied.

The story of the Tartufesta

Now more than 20 years ago, just for fun, by a group of employees and volunteers of the Villa Serena retirement home, was born the idea of ​​a simple festival just to spend time together and to have fun.

Originally the name chosen to call this festival was "Festival of the Chestnut and Truffle", but almost immediately the attention was focused on one of the most prestigious products of international gastronomy: truffles precisely.

Initially the festival were held in Villa Serena, but with the passage of time the event had a growing success and today, the Feast of the Truffle, involves the whole town of Montaione and has become a must and recurrent event attracting curious, tourists, exhibitors and enthusiasts.

Due to the success of this festival Montaione is now part of the "Associazione Nazionale delle città del tartufo". Celebrating the truffle Montaione celebrates a tradition and a territory.

The truffle of Montaione

Montaione is located in the most important areas for the collection of white truffles, the precious "tuber magnatum pic"o, also known as "Tuscan white truffle the colline sanmminiatesi".

The white truffle is also an important biological indicator: in fact in order to be born and grow this product, the soil must not be polluted. In addition to the white truffle, in our area we can harvest the truffles "scorzone" or Tuber Aestivum and truffles "marzuolo" or Tuber melanosporum. This is because the ecositema and the territory of Montaione are ideal for the proliferation of the truffle making this area one of the most important truffle areas of Italy; for that reason Montaione (together with with San Miniato and SanGiovanni d'Asso) is recognized by the "Associazione Nazionale delle città del tartufo".

The delicacy and the uniqueness of the white truffle is known in tutto the world and its unique flavor is also enhanced by the Montaione restaurateurs who with wise recipes they create perfect dishes and pairings with the best wines of the area.


Day by day, all activities to discover the truffle and the territory of Montaione


Hiking tour conducted by environmental hiking guides.


Exposition and sale of products from local farms. Wine, oil, cured meats, cheeses, honey and many other products.


Claudio Cinelli in... FANTASTIMAN. A tasty theatrical aperitif made only by hands.


Valentino Donati, a successful creative barman, Katia Mancini, choreographer and dance teacher, will create an engaging and innovative show, to be seen and savored.


Claudio Cinelli in... SCRETCH. Show in the form of variety where hands, objects, puppets, stringed puppets, glasses, become (in)credible protagonists of their little stories.

9:00 - 17:00


Guided horseback ride in the truffle area of Montaione, for expert riders and beginners.


Walking guided tour with environmental guides. At the end aperitif with typical local products.


Guided visits at the Jerusalem of Tuscany of San Vivaldo.


Guided horseback ride in the truffle area of Montaione, for expert riders and beginners.


Guided visits at the Jerusalem of Tuscany of San Vivaldo.


A refined experience of white truffles and related products that can be tasted and purchased.


Exposition and sale of products from local farms. Wine, oil, cured meats, cheeses, honey and many other products.


A wide exposition of local art and handicrafts.


Space dedicated to the psychophysical form that is transformed and integrates with the splendid garden of Villa Serena.

MONTAIONE (sala del consiglio comunale)

News about the excavation 2018.

MONTAIONE (Villa Serena)

Gourmet proposal by the "Associazione Tartufai di San Miniato".


Band exhibition performed by "Filarmonica G. Donizzetti".


Appointment with quality cuisine dedicated to the white truffle of Montaione. Starred chefs prepare live recipes.


Show and taste of cocktails based on truffle.


Find out how the chefs of Montaione know how to value the white truffle and the excellent local products.

I' Ciampa
Via Chiarenti, 46, 50050 Montaione
Osteria del Pesce Rosso
Via Chiarenti, 14, 50050 Montaione
De' Mannaioni
Via Guglielmo Marconi, 2
Via J. F. Kennedy, 20, 50050 Montaione
Carpe Diem
Viale Vincenzo da Filicaia, 65, 50050 Montaione
La terrazza
via L. da Vinci 73, 50050 Montaione
Loc. Alberi, 50050 Alberi
Antico Borgo
Via Iano 5/9, 50050 Iano
Casa Masi
Via Collerucci, 53, 50050 Alberi
Il Caminetto
Via Mura, 19, 50050 Mura
Il Focolare
Via S. Vivaldo, 7, 50050 San Vivaldo
Il Lago
Via Vecchia di Le Mura, 22, 50050 Alberi
La Cucina del Castellare
Via Cerroni, 50050 Tonda
La Piazzetta del Borgo
Via Iano, 50050 Iano
Osteria San Vivaldo
Via S. Vivaldo, 21, 50050 San Vivaldo
Il Rosmarino
Via Castelfalfi, 50050 Castelfalfi
La Rocca di Castelfalfi
Via Castelfalfi, 50050 Castelfalfi

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